Discover the Chances of Surviving Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the fourth most prevalent cancer in the United States behind others such as prostate, lung and skin cancer. It primarily develops in women aged fifty or older although men can develop the disease as well. Some factors that can contribute to the development of breast cancer may include, fat intake, weight, age, and amount of exercise.

These are facts that should be well known. But, what are the actual chances of surviving breast cancer?First off, the chances of survival are significantly impacted by whether or not the cancer was diagnosed properly or early enough and when it is diagnosed, what stage it is in. Higher rates of survival bear this out. Another thing that impacts one's chances is the fact that treatment options are many, varied and the number of options keeps increasing. Also treatments as a whole have been improving as we learn more about this disease. Doctors also see the need for their patients to get regular mammograms done, which also increases the chances of early detection and faster acting treatments because any tumor found will not have become malignant.

Another thing that increases one's chances of survival is the fact that doctors are continually monitoring and modifying treatments to better serve the needs of the individual patient. In addition to these treatments, there is also a push toward more natural, less invasive treatments as well. Some radiation treatment as well as chemotherapy drugs after surgery has been seen to help improve survival rates also.

The key to remember here is that there is at this time no one thing that will increase your chances of surviving breast cancer, just as there is no one thing you can do to reduce the odds of development in the first place. It is a combination of many different factors. However, the one key ingredient is you. How you choose to come at and cope with breast cancer will go a long way in determining your survival rate.

Laura Guthrie is a former cancer patient who successfully recovered. She now shares her best of the best information to give back.

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