Can Life Imbalance Contribute to Breast Cancer?

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be an incredible blow. Your life is literally turned upside down. You need to first face the fact that you have breast cancer and then face family with the news. Then, you have to go and see what treatment options (both conventional and alternative) are available as well as complementary options. In short, a very grueling process.

As most of us are aware there are four parts to what we call life. They are the same for each person regardless of who they are. These consist of: physical (body), mental (mind), spiritual (can include religion) and emotional.

Often times we know when we are out of balance in one or more of these areas due to the way we feel. But what we may not know are what the causes of this imbalance are. There are many different reason, but the primary one is stress. Be it stress from work, stress at home, or stress in family situations, this is the number one reason for us perhaps not eating properly or not getting enough exercise (physical).

Mental stress can be caused by things that you may not have control over such as traffic, the weather or people you come into contact with on a daily basis. Spiritual stress can be thought of as being out of touch with your god or feeling like your god is not listening to you or even that you have bad luck.

Emotional stress can be brought on by a combination of the above. Taken to the extreme, these stresses can cause us to do things that we normally know might be bad for us, such as overeating, eating the wrong thing, not being calm and lashing out at someone or even unconsciously hurting ourselves. And if the body is not in balance, then fighting off any disease is made that much harder.

The key is to know what is out of balance and to self-correct. Knowing yourself and how to avoid or negate your particular stressers can go along way to successful treatment.

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